Things to do... during your stay at Athens Zafolia Hotel! 

A trip to Athens can become very special and unique, as apart from the dozens of museums and sights worth visiting, you can attend various events and participate in activities according to your interests. Thus, your stay with us can become even more special and full of unique memories. 


Through our presence on our social media pages and our blog, we share our recommendations for places worth visiting, as well as events that you can attend during your stay at Athens Zafolia Hotel. All relative posts we will be collected in this article.


Therefore we invite you to stay tuned for new suggestions and organize your trip and your program in Athens, according to your own preferences.

Of course, our front desk staff can inform you about any other attraction or museum in the city you wish to visit, or any activity you are interested in participating in.


We look forward to welcoming you! 
Athens Zafolia Hotel Team

July 2023 


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During your stay in Athens Zafolia Hotel, do not miss the opportunity to visit the National Gallery - Alexandros Soutsos Museum and discover more than 1000 workds of modern Greek Art in the permanent exhibition and much more if you visit the temporary exhibitions as well.
The National Gallery is only 2 km away from the hotel and you can either walk there, or take the metro which is only 2 stops away "Ampelokipi - Evaggelismos".

Blog post dedicated to 10 of the best museums in Athens!
Visit the following link to be informed about the museums, the opening hours, the location and the distance from Athens Zafolia Hotel.

Lycabettus Theater opens its gates again!
One of the most important reference points of the city, welcomes us after 15 years of "absence", upgraded and reformed, with a unique concert with Stavros Xarhakos on September 15.
More concerts to come in September & October.
From Athens Zafolia Hotel you can visit the Lyca


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While staying at Athens Zafolia Hotel, you may easilly visit the National Archaelogical Museum of Athens, which is in a very short distance from the hotel! You will be able to view and enjoy unique permanent and temporary exhibitions.
Tip: Do not miss the chance to enjoy a cafe, at the beautiful cafeteria of the museum!

If you are planning day trips during your stay in Athens, do not miss to include the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio.
Enjoy the beautiful coastal route and the idyllic landscape at sunset.
Contact our reception for information and directions.

Summers in Athens can be amazing with all the great concerts that are taking place by our favorite Greek & foreign artists! Our new blog post is dedicated to the upcoming concerts! Read More:

From the 23rd to the 25th of September, you can combine your visit to Athens Zafolia Hotel with a visit to Athens Coffee Festival! Easy access via metro "Ambelokipi - Keramikos" or by car.

During your stay with us, do not miss the chance to enjoy a walk to Lycabettus Hill - 2 km away from the hotel.
At Lycabettus Hill you will be able to enjoy the incredible view to the city and the sea and take amazing photos of the sunset as well!

Watch a movie in an open-air cinema!
In a short walking distance from the hotel (200m-400m) there are 2 open air cinemas that you can easily visit.
However, there are several open air cinemas in the historic center of Athens that you could visit after a walk/visit to the sights.
Contact our front desk for more information.

Photo: Cine Paris - photo taken from Google / user: Thomas K

Watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier!
The famous Changing of the Guard takes place every hour at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier In Syntagma Square.
The Evzones who, until that moment, have been guarding the monument motionless, begin a very impressive pace, as do so the new Evzones that will replace them, offering an extraordinary spectacle that lasts approximately 15 minutes.
Every Sunday morning at 11:00 am, takes place the official ceremony for the Changing of the Guard, which is so elaborate and impressive that crowds of people gather to watch it.