Awards & Certificates

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Guest Review Award


Our guests have spoken and we are their hospitality hero. Athens Zafolia Hotel's management and staff's boundless passion, commitment and hard work have earned us a 2018 Guest Review Award. Thank you so much, and we are committed to more awards!

Loved by Guests Award by

Our guests spoke and ranked Athens Zafolia Hotel at the best. 


The ™ Loved by Guests Awards are based on verified customer reviews. A fantastic job of providing excellent customer service!


Greek Breakfast

The "Greek Breakfast" is an inspiring project of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, whose aim is to promote the gastronomic heritage of each place, through a program designed to distinguish products and specialties from each region. The “Greek Breakfast” showcases many of the Greek products at the heart of the mediterranean diet. The bread, rusks, olive oil, olives, yoghurt, honey and fresh fruit create the basis of the “Greek Breakfast”. Bread, nuts, olive oil and olives, yogurt, honey and fresh fruit are some of them.

Green Key

The hotel has been awarded the Green Key, an eco-label for tourism and leisure facilities. It is awarded to facilities that meet a range of environmental requirements. The Green Key award demonstrates the responsible attitude of the facility for the environment and society.

Cooperating Agencies


Athens Zafolia Hotel is a member of the Hellenic Medical Board of Elitour. The primary goal of ELITOUR is to promote health tourism in Greece abroad as a top destination for health tourism and to work with relevant international organizations on global issues related to medical tourism. ELITOUR is a founding member of the "World Travel Travel Council".


Athens Zafolia Hotel supports and actively participates in the recycling and collection of glass packaging recycling program of the Hellenic Recycling Recovery Company.

Athens Analysis Laboratories

After laboratory tests in the water and food of our hotel, Athens Analysis Laboratories SA confirms proper compliance with hygiene and safety rules and thus ensures the protection of consumer health and the provision of high quality services to Athens Zafolia Hotel customers.

Athens Analysis Laboratories' Certification


Another quality certification for Athens Zafolia Hotel! The Athens Analysis Laboratories SA, after performing laboratory tests at our hotel's water and food, it confirms the proper follow of hygiene and safety rules, and thus ensures the protection of consumers’ health and the supply of highest quality service to our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The commitment of the company ATTIKOS OURANOS SA, towards the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, is a strategic choice and it is linked to its business functioning and development. For this reason, the company's functioning principles, incorporate and reflect, the principles and the philosophy of Corporate Responsibility.

 The company, applies the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, beyond and above its legal obligations, by taking initiatives, that aim at its sustainable ongoing growth and at the same time, its contribution to wider social progress and prosperity.

The company seeks to become a liable business entity, that aims at sustainable ongoing growth, at co-operative relations, transparency, mutual benefit, and the enhancement of its positive effects on society and the environment, not through words, but through its practical work, which implements consistently, systematically and continuously, and leaves tangible and long-lasting results behind it.

The Corporate Social Responsibility policy embraces the four main pillars:

1.  Market:


We stand next to our visitor offering a high sense of hospitality, responsibility, professionalism, integrity and transparency, meeting his expectations for high-level accommodation, entertainment and pleasure. We operate based on the principles of business ethics and healthy competition.


2. Employees:

Respecting the rights, the personality and dignity of each of our employee, we seek to maintain an open dialogue with their representative bodies, discussing all the subjects regarding the company and its operation. We follow all the rules of safety and we reassure the appropriate working conditions so as to protect them and to provide them a safe working environment.

  •  We cultivate the sense of personal responsibility to all of our staff
  • we focus on developing & continue training of them.

3. Society:


With respect to the wider and especially the local society which hosts our activity, we function as an integral and creative part of it. Specifically:


  • We donate hotel’s clothing.
  • We donate hotel’s equipment.
  • We maintain co-operation with companies from the  local market.
  • We purchase products from local producers and the local market, maintaining a high level in our services.
  • We contribute to the advertising of the local services.
  • We have rooms and facilities for people with disabilities.

4. Environment:

We take care of the environment and our main goal is to reduce our environmental footprint through actions and initiatives, even beyond the relevant requirements of existing Greek and European legislation.

 The Hotel has been committed to protect the environment and to integrate  continuously environmental and sustainable practices into its business strategy, according to the European and National environmental policy.

Furthermore, the hotel tries to reduce environmental impact by improving and enhancing practices to conserve natural resources, minimize wastes, save energy, etc.

The improvements that took place in the rooms, are the following:

  • Anti-allergic bed covers that protect against dust mites and other allergens.
  • Use of chemicals and detergents that have a quality label.
  • Use of energy-saving light bulbs in the hotel.
  • Use of energy efficiency improvements in the building.
  • Water saving actions.
  • Waste management (solid and liquid).
  • Inform staff on environmental consciousness and behavior issues.
  • Free wi-fi in rooms and public areas.