At Athens Zafolia Hotel, social responsibility, environmental awareness and environmental protection are our main priorities.


The company seeks to become a liable business entity, that aims at sustainable ongoing growth, at co-operative relations, transparency, mutual benefit, and the enhancement of its positive effects on society and the environment, not through words, but through its practical work, which implements consistently, systematically and continuously, and leaves tangible and long-lasting results behind it.


Considering the fact that maintaining the ecological balance concerns all of us and depends on each one of us, we are committed to continuously integrate environmental and sustainable practices into our business strategy, in accordance with European and national environmental policy.


We have established specific sustainability policies and practices aimed at continuously reducing the environmental impact of the hotel's activities, starting with:


  • Compliance with environmental legislation
  • Enhancing environmental sustainability
  • Inform staff on environmental consciousness and behavior issues
  • Avoiding actions that cause pollution

The practices applied concern energy and water conservation,

waste management and waste reduction, recycling, ecofriendly housekeeping services, but also social awareness and responsibility, among other actions, to strengthen environmental and sustainable practices.


Energy & Water Saving


  • Use of energy efficiency improvements in the building
  • Use of Natural Lighting
  • Use of energy-saving light bulbs in all areas of the hotel
  • We operate a 'Switch Off' policy for office staff to turn off computer equipment and printers when not in use
  • Lighting and air conditioning function in guest rooms only when the key is placed in the special slot to avoid wasting energy
  • Air conditioning operation in guest rooms only when the windows are closed
  • Water saving actions
  • Continuous investment in equipment that contributes to saving energy and water


Waste Management - Reduction of waste & single use products


  • Waste management (solid and liquid).

  • Use of digital means of communication that are less burdensome to the environment, minimizing paper consumption

  • Reducing of single-use products


One of our main goals is to continuously reduce the volume of waste, but also to recycle it to the maximum possible level.

Athens Zafolia Hotel supports and actively participates in the recycling and collection of glass packaging recycling program of the Hellenic Recycling Recovery Company.




  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Aluminum
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Food waste
  • Batteries
  • Lamps
  • Electrical and electronic equipment 

Use of special products


  • Use of chemicals and detergents that have a quality label and are enviroment friendly
  • Preference for purchasing ecological products

Eco friendly Housekeeping Services – Rooms

  • Housekeeping on demand - Special signs for room cleaning upon guests request 
  • Towel and sheet reuse program available and promoted to guests
  • Anti-allergic bed covers that protect against dust mites and other allergens

Other Actions


  • We recommend our guests to use the urban transportation while visiting the city

  • Online Map available for guests, with directions on how to reach the historic city center using the urban transportation or on foot.

  • Electric Car Charger in the hotel's underground parking lot

With respect to the wider and especially the local society which hosts our activity, we function as an integral and creative part of it. Specifically:


  • We donate hotel’s clothing

  • We donate hotel’s equipment

  • We maintain co-operation with companies from the  local market

  • We purchase products from local producers and the local market,
    maintaining a high level in our services

  • We contribute to the advertising of the local services

  • We have rooms and facilities for people with disabilities

  • We are hiring locals  – we strengthen the local community and at the same time reduce distances and travel by means that burden the environment


  • Green Key

The hotel has been awarded the Green Key, an eco-label for tourism and leisure facilities.

It is awarded to facilities that meet a range of environmental requirements.

The Green Key award demonstrates the responsible attitude of the facility for the environment and society.

"By choosing a Green Key

certified accommodation, 

you reduce the environmental footprint without compromising on comfort and quality." 

Sustainability badges in third party - online partners


  • UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge | Expedia
  • Independently certified for sustainability |
  • Eco-certified | Google

We will continue our effort for a sustainable presence, maintaining existing practices but also increasing our "green" actions, always aiming to protect the environment and the community.


By choosing Athens Zafolia Hotel for your stay, you contribute with your choice to our ecological effort, which becomes your effort as well. 
An effort to protect the planet, strengthen the community and the human rights both in hospitality, as well as at work rights.


Thank you


The Athens Zafolia Hotel Team

February 2023